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Benefits of Awnings

Adding an awning to your building has a variety of benefits. In addition to seeing your logo or message on an awning, customers may begin to recognize your business by its color, which further contributes to your branding and helps make your building a mainstay on your street. However, door awnings and window awnings also provide shade and give customers a place to stay dry in the rain

Types of Awnings We Manufacture and Install

  • Canvas: Canvas awnings with aluminum frames are a classic option. Cotton canvas requires a coating of acrylic to be waterproof, so acrylic-cotton blends have become popular.
  • Vinyl: Aluminum-framed awnings with vinyl canopies are attractive to many building owners and renters because of vinyl’s mildew resistant properties. Vinyl also blocks UV rays effectively to protect your building.
  • Metal: While canvas and vinyl awnings are popular with aluminum frames, Ez-Tech Design can also design and fabricate awnings made entirely of aluminum. Metal awnings are a traditional fixture on many city blocks because they are durable, excellent for sun protection, and classic. Some metal awnings require maintenance to protect from rust, but with aluminum, this isn’t a risk.
  • Illuminated: You can increase visibility and impact by adding internal illumination to your awning. High output fluorescent lighting will help you stand out in the crowd.

We have been fabricating and installing awnings for long time, so you can feel confident that we have the expertise to provide you with the right awning!
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Awnings Samples

Restaurant Custom Awnings
Senior House Awnings
Restaurant Awning

Skills Needed

At ez-Tech Design Inc. we have all the tools, resource and skill to make your brand stand out from the competition.
Because we’re a full service awning company that builds every custom awning to your specific needs, we have the ability to shape the framing to fit your specific requirements. We can even design the graphics and typography for your awning!

Project Planning 100%
Graphics & typography for your awning 100%
Ability to shape the framing to fit your specific requirements 100%
Multimedia 98%
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